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Brian Jeffrey
1451 Donald Munro Dr.
Carp, Ontario, Canada
K0A 1L0
Tel: 1+613-839-7355

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5 Responses to Contact Info

  1. Brian,
    I have a DX-40 and a VF-1 to give away if you or someone is interested in receiving them.
    It’s free of charge and I can pack carefully and send by mail. All I ask is that the cost of postage be sent to me.
    73s Richard

  2. Rino Manarin says:

    Brian, you have been a very busy person, by the way I held a ham license while at Cam 3, my call sign was victor easy #8 mighty item VE8MI, My friend Harvey Wice was a whiz on Morse code he would communicate with many including Russians, who would n’t even tell you what temperature it as outside, because it was a security issue. when we started typing classes in Streator, Harveys first night was 40 eords a minute, instructor told him he need not come back. Harvey was an ex army signals corp guy and could receive and type morse at 40 words a minute. I was an ex RCAF communications technician. YOU sure have a lot of interesting stuff on the dew line, I am enjoying it immensely. BY the way I went back to college last year at age 80 and did some math and English studies to get tuned in and then I took an Anthropology course which I finished successfully.
    Keep up the great work Brian.
    Rino Manarin

  3. julie beaney says:

    Hello Rino,
    Harvey was my grandfather, and we were incredibly close. His oldest daughter, Sharon, is my mother. I am sad to say Gramps passed away in January of this year. He told me many stories of the dew line. I would be so thrilled to connect with you, it would be such a privilege. My email address is I await your reply.

    Julie Beaney

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